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Naturally Dyed

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What are InScent Meditation Beads

At In Scent Australia we like to  use our Beads as a tool for personal mindfulness.

 Used together with In Scent Perfume oils -   - the beads once oiled - then  carry the perfume as a reminder of what you intend or meditate on. Be reminded by the gentle aura of aroma from the beads throughout your day.

 We encourage a daily Mini meditation (Intention Ritual) to help set your intention for the day ahead


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Our Promise

We exist to connect you to your best self- it really is all about you!

We promote

Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Natural

Mindfulness, we encourage you to create more mindfulness in your life every day

 we supply the tools, you supply the intention.

Wellbeing is more than good physical condition

When you are mindful you will recognise what needs attention

Natural- by promoting a more natural based lifestyle you can reduce the load on both your body and the planet.

Our Beads

Our wooden beads are hand dyed in small batches using all natural dyes.The dyes are mostly  locally sourced and can include, Berries, Barks, Roots, Leaves , Clays and Flowers.

Variations in colour and intensity absolutely should occur. This indicates each item is hand made and individually unique.

The addition of a small natural bead on our long strands of beads is also our mark of  authenticity of hand made.

Natural Beads we use include Certified Natural Baltic Amber from Lithuania and Raw Sea Jasper collected off the shores of Madagascar. We choose to use these beads due to the collection process as neither are mined, simply collected from nature.  Again each one is and should always be absolutely unique.

Your InScent Australia Intention Beads will bond with you

As a natural product they will absorb your skin oils, your scent and your energy, becoming an energetic extension of your unique self.


InScent Perfume Oil

Our Divine InScent Australia Perfume blends are created to help cultivate mindfulness and focus, using aroma is an ancient practice that has roots deep in our memories.InScent perfume oils are composed entirely inhouse using pure botanical ingredients

 Vegan Australia Certified

100% Natural Botanical Perfume oils - We use no animal products, nor will we ever use any artificially produced fragrance components.

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Why we chose to be Vegan Certified