InScent Perfume Intention Oil  SONG
InScent Perfume Intention Oil  SONG
InScent Perfume Intention Oil  SONG
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InScent Perfume Intention Oil SONG

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Made entirely in house our Vegan Perfume oils are pure botanical and intentional.

May be used alone as a perfume oil or used with our Intention beads as part of our Intention Kit. 



Blend developed to be used with In Scent intention beads or as an oil perfume.


Lightly floral, Song will transport you to a garden at dusk. Promoting a return to self, time to renew your inner power



Peru Balsam

Comforting ,unconditional love, deep reaching - warm


Liberation of boundaries - astuteness


Encourages focus , strength and fortitude


Luminescent truth revealing whole self - angelic

Rose Geranium

Heart opening, transformative protective

Ylang Ylang

Encouraging awakening confidence of self


Uplifting energetic joy bringing


Australian hand harvested and distilled in Milthorpe. Reminding of your destiny- compassion - reconciliation

Pink Pepper

help enhance alertness ,stamina and focus

 Base of Fractionated Coconut and Jojoba

5ml Bamboo & Glass Bottle with Rollerball

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