Inca Brazilian Therapeutic incense

We searched the world for natural quality Incense, and we believe we found it in Artisanal Inca Brazilian Therapeutic incense

Natural, Handmade and Therapeutic Incense Non-toxic Individually, in threes or by the Box with 9 sticks. Each rod burns for approximately 110 min. Composition: The base of all of them is the White Breu (breu branco), a tree from the amazon.

Inca Vegetable Base, aromatic concentrated oil, Charcoal, Frankincense and coarse salt

These are totally hand made hand rolled using all-natural ingredients

PLEASE NOTE: The sticks on these incenses are a bit larger than regular sized incense and may not fit in a regular incense holder hole.

They are highly aromatic, made with natural resins, plants and herbs and are energetically powerful. These beautiful sticks will burn up to 2 hours (depending on room conditions).

* Please note that these incense are quite delicate and can (and will) have breaks in the incense. This is normal and will not affect performance