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Botanical Perfume Oils

The Perfume -Botanical-Vegan -Intentional

 Using perfumery principles InScent Intention oils are created using 100% Botanical Plant essences, absolutes and extracts. Composed to reflect a desire

Our Perfume oils resonate at a deep level, every ingredient has a part to play in the story

Not only beautiful scents  InScent perfume oils are created with intention.

Different plants and aromas have different energetic properties  - who has not felt the calming of lavender or the uplifting of citrus, the cleansing of Pine or Eucalypt

 Blends developed to be used with InScent Intention Beads or as a perfume oil


Our Perfume oils are - Certified with Vegan Australia. 

                                      - Alcohol free

                                      -100% Botanical

                                   - Hand made in small Batches


By infusing your Intention beads with one of our unique Botanical oils, tap into an
ancient practice of using aroma that has roots deep in our memories. - the beads
carry the scent as a reminder of what you intend
and when used in conjunction with our Intention Beads become a powerful tool for change.

Intention Kits available here

Each one of our intention focused products has been made using all natural
elements, woods, essential oils and natural botanicals. The beads coloured using plant based natural dyes mean each strand is unique and will vary according to the seasons .... how beautiful, how totally individual.

We supply the tools, you supply the intention !

Fully Vegan Australia Certified

Created to help cultivate mindfulness and focus all day long.

Hand made in small batches in Orange NSW